Text Box: 1” ID Plastic Core

1/2” x 36 YDS  72 rls/cs   Price: $  .99/ea
3/4” x 36 YDS  48 rls/cs   Price: $1.49/ea


1/2” X 72 YDS    72 rls/cs  Price: $1.99/ea
3/4” X 72 YDS    48 rls/cs  Price: $2.89/ea

Custom widths available from 1/4” to 52”


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As shown, 1/2” x 36 YDS. invisible mending tape

As shown, 1/2” x 72 YDS. invisible mending tape

Distributors of fine mounting and packaging tapes for

Framers, Printers and the Graphic Arts

Text Box: Tape specification sheet

#310 Invisible mending is used for mending pages, books, drawings, documents and many other art applications. 

Product Summary

· Invisible when applied

· Can be written on

· Will not yellow or age

· Does not get brittle and crack

Our invisible mending tape is a frosted matte film coated with an age-resistant acrylic adhesive. 


Can be written on and is nearly invisible when applied.  Does not appear when applied on documents that are being copied.

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