Text Box: 1/2” x 36 YDS  72rls/cs   Price: $ 89¢ /ea
1/2” x 60 YDS  72rls/cs   Price: $1.48/ea
3/4” x 36 YDS  48rls/cs   Price: $1.36/ea
3/4” x 60 YDS  48rls/cs   Price: $2.24/ea

#401 ATG Dispenser   Price: $19.99/ea

#402 Low-Tack ATG PRICES

Text Box: Tape specification sheet

#402 ATG Tape is a self-adhesive tape that dispenses easily and effortlessly in our number 401 ATG dispenser.

Product Summary

· This product has an extremely easy release liner, which facilitates fast and flat transfer of the adhesive.

· Dispenser is light and easy to use.

· Can be used in high-volume situations.

· #402 can be used in all dispensers, except for our #501 “Big Red” Dispenser, which requires use of the #500 Red Core Tape.

Our number 402 ATG Tape is a 2 mil thick, acrylic based adhesive coated on a 52 pound natural silicone release liner.  Temperature resistant up to 248° F.


The tape is reverse wound on a 1” plastic core to facilitate dispensing in the ATG 401 Dispenser.  This product is a low-tack product with approximately 10 ounces of adhesion per inch width.  Not recommended for large or heavy artwork.


This product can be used in some removable situations.

#402 Transfer Adhesive Tape

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