Text Box: 1/2” x 36 YDS  72 rls/cs   Price: $2.69/ea
1/2” x 60 YDS  72 rls/cs   Price: $4.48/ea
3/4” x 36 YDS  48 rls/cs   Price: $3.99/ea
3/4” x 60 YDS  48 rls/cs   Price: $6.69/ea


1/4” X 60 YDS  144 rls/cs  Price: $1.99/ea
3/8” X 60 YDS    96 rls/cs  Price: $2.98/ea
1/2” X 60 YDS    72 rls/cs  Price: $3.98/ea
3/4” X 60 YDS    48 rls/cs  Price: $5.98/ea

Custom widths available from 1/4” to 52”


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Product #457  1/2” X 60 YDS. Hand-Held

Distributors of fine mounting and packaging tapes for

Framers, Printers and the Graphic Arts

Tape specification sheet

Product #457-EHT is an extremely high-tack adhesive, coated on a silicone liner.  Removes easily from the liner to almost any substrate.  Great for fabric, and that difficult to hold artwork.  The tack is approximately 125 ounces per inch width.

Product Summary

· Excellent for use to mount artwork containing fabric or other thick material to a dissimilar surface.

· Will not age or yellow.

· Extremely aggressive adhesive.

· Economic alternative to 3M #969 and 3M #950.

This product has almost 125 ounces of adhesive strength per inch width and commands performance wherever it is used.  We are not aware of any other product available that even comes close to the strength and power of 457.


Also used extensively in the printing industry to hold difficult end tabs together.  Does something similar to cloth and thick fabrics when trying to mount them to artwork.


This product is economical when compared to alternative bonding or joining methods.  The product can be used with extreme ease due to the high release values of the release liner, which compliments the adhesive.

Product #457 ATG

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