Text Box: 1/2” x 36 YDS  72rls/cs   Price: $1.59/ea
1/2” x 60 YDS  72rls/cs   Price: $2.65/ea
3/4” x 36 YDS  48rls/cs   Price: $2.29/ea
3/4” x 60 YDS  48rls/cs   Price: $3.78/ea

#501 ATG Dispenser   Price: $15.99/ea


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Distributors of fine mounting and packaging tapes for

Framers, Printers and the Graphic Arts

Text Box: Tape specification sheet

#500 ATG Tape is a self-adhesive tape that dispenses easily and effortlessly in our number 501 ATG dispenser.

Product Summary

· This product has an extremely easily release liner, which facilitates fast and flat transfer of the adhesive.

· Dispenser is light and easy to use.

· Our closest comparable to 3M 924.

· Can be used in high-volume situations.

· #500 red core tape can only be used with the #501 Big Red Dispenser.

Our number 500 ATG Tape is a 2 mil thick, acrylic based adhesive coated on a 52 pound natural silicone release liner.  Temperature resistant up to 248° F.


The tape is self-wound on a 1” plastic core to facilitate dispensing in the ATG dispensers, and is excellent for mounting artwork to smooth surfaces of all kinds.  Designed specifically for the high demands of the modern picture framer and the graphic arts industry.


Since this tape is self-wound (not reverse wound), it can easily be used as dust cover hand held, because it will not stick to surrounding objects.

#501 Big Red ATG Dispenser loaded with #500 ATG Tape

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