Tape specification sheet

This filament tape, sometimes called strapping tape, is used for bundling, strapping or holding boxes together prior to shipping.  This is what we use to hold boxes together to save our customers money on shipping costs.

Product Summary

· Low stretch

· High strength

· Economical

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#550 unidirectional glass filament tape is used for strapping boxes, pallets and holding items together.  The tensile strength is about 150 pounds per inch of width, which means it can hold an array of items.



Text Box: 3/8” x 60 YDS   96   rls/cs   Price: $  .78/ea
1/2” x 60 YDS   72   rls/cs   Price: $  .99/ea
3/4” X 60 YDS   48   rls/cs   Price: $1.49/ea
1” X 60 YDS       36   rls/cs   Price: $1.99/ea
1 1/2” X 60 YDS  24 rls/cs   Price: $2.89/ea
2” X 60 YDS        24  rls/cs   Price: $3.89/ea


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