Tape specification sheet

Our #333 is a general purpose crepe masking tape exhibiting smooth unwind and a light pleasing color.

Product Summary

· Smooth unwind

· Pleasing color

· Natural crepe

This is a very pleasing general purpose crepe masking, with a natural cream color.  Recommended for medium temperature holding and masking applications using medium temperatures not greater than 150° F.

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Text Box: 1/2” x 60 YDS    72   rls/cs   Price: $  .59/ea
3/4” X 60 YDS    48   rls/cs   Price: $  .89/ea
1” X 60 YDS        36   rls/cs   Price: $1.22/ea
1 1/2” x 60 YDS 24 rls/cs     Price: $1.78/ea
2” x 60 YDS        24 rls/cs     Price: $2.32/ea
3” x 60 YDS        18 rls/cs     Price: $3.46/ea

Prices are per roll each, please add 10% for 
less than full case quantities.


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