Text Box: 1/8” x 60 YDS  288  rls/cs   Price: $1.98/ea
1/4” x 60 YDS  144  rls/cs   Price: $2.65/ea
3/8” x 60 YDS   96   rls/cs   Price: $2.59/ea
1/2” x 60 YDS   72   rls/cs   Price: $3.78/ea
3/4” X 60 YDS   48   rls/cs   Price: $5.16/ea
1” X 60 YDS       36   rls/cs   Price: $6.89/ea


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Distributors of fine mounting and packaging tapes for

Framers, Printers and the Graphic Arts

Text Box: Tape specification sheet

Our product #415, is made exclusively for dust cover applications, and many other useful mounting and holding uses.

Product Summary

· Will not age or yellow

· Easy to apply

· Economical alternative to 3M

· Most products ship the same day

Our #415, is an acrylic adhesive coated on to a silicone release paper liner, and is excellent for hand applying dust covers and can be used for all kinds of mounting, sealing and joining applications.

Applying our dust cover tape in three easy steps.  1.  Apply the tape. 2. Peel off the release liner.  3.  Attach dust cover paper and trim the paper.

To contact us:

Toll Free:  800-486-0264


E-mail: uspack@msn.com